Barracuda vs KnowBe4

KnowBe4? Know Better!
With Barracuda PhishLine

The Most Effective User Security Awareness Solution

Effective training and simulation requires realistic content and insights to face modern cyber-threats. Only Barracuda offers multi-vector simulation and advanced reporting as part of a complete email protection platform.

Best training content

Barracuda's curated content is based on global, real-time threat intelligence to provide up-to-date, relevant phishing simulations. KnowBe4 doesn't offer equivalent content.

Full multi-vector phishing simulation

Barracuda's simulations include email, voicemail, SMS text, and portable-media threat vectors. With KnowBe4 you can't run text simulations, and you'll pay extra for voicemail and portable-media simulations.

Most advanced reporting and insights

Barracuda lets you drill down to identify the greatest areas of email security vulnerability within your organization. KnowBe4's limited reporting capabilities don't even come close.

Der Barracuda-Vorteil

PhishLine KnowBe4
Phishing Simulation and Training
Mult-Vector SMS and Automated Voice Campaigns
Curated Training Content
Global Threat Intelligence Database
Advanced Reporting and Insights
Phishing Reporting Button
Level-basierte Programme
Optionales „Concierge-Service“
Total E-Mail Protection

"PhishLine provides top class security awareness training services. The platform was easy to implement and easy to use. The product is very flexible and can make changes on the fly based on adhoc use cases. I would recommend this product to all my peers."

— Vice President in the Finance Industry, April 11, 2018

Get Curated Content that Reflects the Latest Real-World Threats

When it comes to security awareness computer-based training (CBT), content is king! Because Barracuda maintains one of the world's largest threat intelligence databases, we keep our content is realistic and reflective of the latest threats. Our vast library of content is curated and filtered to provide you with top-performing email templates and landing pages that are relevant to your business.

  • Der Absender
  • Die Nachricht
  • Der Bericht

Erkennen Sie den Namen, die Adresse und die Domain? Falls nicht, sollten Sie misstrauisch sein.

Ruft die E-Mail ein Gefühl wie Besorgnis, Verlangen oder Neugier hervor? Wird der Zweifel oder Unglaube ausgesetzt - Phishing-E-Mails nutzen das gegen uns aus.

Was möchte die Nachricht von Ihnen? Sollen Sie einen Link anklicken? Einen Anhang herunterladen? Tun Sie nichts, bis Sie sich nicht bezüglich der Legitimität der Nachricht vergewissert haben.

Gain Real Insights into Your Biggest Vulnerabilities

Most security awareness products like KnowBe4 measure click-through-rates on phishing emails which give you only a very broad sense of your security vulnerabilities. PhishLine captures more than 16,000 data points to give you much deeper and more useful insights into exactly where you risks exist so you can precisely target your training programs.

  • Vulnerabilities by device, application, OS, and time of day
  • Detailed trend analytics
  • Inbox message analytics (out-of-office messages and direct replies)
  • Local IP detection
  • Customizable reports and dashboard

Optimize Performance with Levelized Programs

Barracuda provides a superior alternative to the traditional click-rate metric programs offered by KnowBe4. Our levelized programs focus on continuous user improvement, rather than simply reacting to failures. With Barracuda, organizations can create campaigns that promote a healthy anti-phishing security culture, which includes user training and other activities. Traditional click-rate programs like KnowBe4’s typically drop users who respond correctly to a fixed number of simulations. This means they miss the point of continuous learning and improvement, leaving you exposed to threats.

Empower Users with Robust Incident Response Tools

Barracuda provides a robust set of incident response tools. These range from a simple, on-screen phishing-alert button to sophisticated, end-to-end forensics that let you identify individuals who are especially susceptible to phishing attacks and require advanced email security training. KnowBe4 does not offer this level of incident-response tools, or any forensics capabilities.

Move Beyond Basic Training with Total Email Protection

Barracuda offers a complete, multi-layered email security solution that combines email awareness training, email security gateway functions, and AI-powered phishing detection and prevention. Total Email Protection eliminates the integration and support headaches that typically come along with piecemeal, multi-vendor solutions. KnowBe4 is strictly a one-dimensional product that may or may not integrate with other vendors’ security products.