Barracuda Backup-as-a-Service Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Barracuda’s Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering?

Barracuda customers worldwide can purchase a Barracuda Backup 190 or 390 as an annual service that includes an appliance, Energize Updates, Instant Replacement, and Unlimited Cloud storage. This service gives customers an alternate method of purchasing Barracuda Backup with a smaller up-front cost, while still providing the product’s award-winning functionality

What is included with Barracuda’s Backup-as-a-Service?

  • Local appliance for fast backup windows and recovery times
  • Source-side and target deduplication with the local appliance and the Barracuda Backup Agent
  • License for Barracuda software required to back up and recover data
  • Unlimited Cloud storage – flat-rate pricing for Barracuda Backup cloud storage (up to the limit of the Barracuda appliance)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 award-winning US-based phone and email support
  • Instant Replacement - Next business day shipment of replacement in the event of a hardware failure
  • New appliance (same model) replacements for units that are four years old and continually under a service contract
  • Access to Cloud LiveBootTM for offsite recovery of VMware virtualized servers

Are there any restrictions to the type/amount of data that I can back up?

Customers can purchase a Barracuda Backup 190 (usable capacity 500 GB) or Barracuda Backup 390 (usable capacity 1 TB) to provide local backups for their organizations. Barracuda’s sizing guideline recommends that customers use an appliance that is roughly twice the amount needed to protect their data to allow for retention and growth. Barracuda uses the same technology across its appliance models giving Barracuda Backup 190/390 customers an enterprise-grade backup solution.

What happens if I outgrow my local appliance?

Barracuda offers credit for the remainder of the subscription towards the purchase of a larger subscription or appliance. Customers who outgrow an appliance within 60 days are eligible for a 100 percent credit towards a larger appliance. Barracuda will work with the customer to migrate data and configuration from the smaller appliance to the new appliance.

Where and how is data stored in the cloud with Barracuda?

Barracuda host seven data centers worldwide for fast replication and disaster recovery. Data that is replicated to Barracuda’s cloud are stored twice on separate hardware for redundancy.

Data leaving the local appliance is encrypted in-flight and stored encrypted at rest with AES 256-bit encryption unique to the customer.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Customers who cancel the subscription will have the cloud interface disabled. Data that is stored in the cloud will be removed from the Barracuda Cloud.

This document is non-binding and does not create any warranty or commitment on the part of Barracuda Networks, and is subject to change by Barracuda Networks at any time without prior notice.