Preserving History with Barracuda Backup

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The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) is the largest natural and historical museum in the western United States. Its collections include nearly 35 million specimens and artifacts, covering 4.5 billion years of history. The NHM has over 100 years of history that inspire wonder, discovery, and responsibility for nature and culture. Egbert Gutierrez, Director of Information Technology at NHM, is responsible for the 30 virtual and 6 physical servers that comprise the NHM network.


  • Natural History Museum
  • Based in Los Angeles County
  • 250 Users


  • Needed Cloud Storage
  • Mix of Virtual and Physical Servers
  • Spread Over Six Locations


  • Barracuda Backup 890


  • 80% reduction in storage
  • Gained Barracuda Cloud storage and replication
  • Unified Backup of 36 servers to one device
  • Single solution

Unsatisfactory Tapes

As a government institution, the NHM must meet certain requirements related to data storage. Before Barracuda, Gutierrez attempted to meet these requirements with a tape library utilizing EMC Networker. “The tapes just weren’t good enough,” he recalls. “They took too long and I was never sure that all the data was there.” He needed a single solution that included cloud replication. With this in mind, he looked for alternatives to tape.

Gutierrez chose Barracuda Backup 890 and, “will never go back.” He adds, “The setup process is quick and painless. The set up was very straightforward and took me under two hours to get all of our servers connected. We are very happy with the end result—36 servers backed up to one device.”

"We don’t need to have physical offsite backups because Barracuda has us covered."
- Egbert Gutierrez, Director of Information Technology, National History Museum of L.A. County

With so many servers to protect, it is important to conserve space. Barracuda’s source-based deduplication provides protection for six locations of NHM, eliminating the need to support six separate backup devices and services. By deduplicating data at the source, Barracuda Backup 890 saves on bandwidth and backup costs. Barracuda Backup 890 utilizes advanced global inline deduplication to reduce the amount of space needed for storage. With 58TB of local data on servers and historic revisions, Barracuda was able to reduce storage needs by 80%, saving NHM space and money.

Maintaining Business Continuity

At NHM, keeping downtime to a minimum is critical. Gutierrez is responsible for keeping servers running. “We can’t afford to have our servers offline; that costs us money,” he states. Barracuda virtually eliminates their downtime. With Barracuda LiveBoot Gutierrez is able to launch his virtual servers directly from Barracuda Backup 890 or from the Cloud. He exclaims, “I can get a server up in less than eight minutes with LiveBoot,” This allows NHM to maintain business continuity in the event of a server failure. Expounding, he says, “The performance is great! Barracuda LiveBoot is just a really impressive feature overall.


Barracuda replicates its data to Barracuda Cloud Storage to prevent data loss in the event of a disaster. Data is replicated to one of Barracuda’s data centers and Barracuda replicates the data to a geographically separate location. In the case of a disaster, Barracuda will preload data on a new Barracuda Backup 890 and ship the appliance for fast local recovery. Gutierrez is able to access his replicated data anytime through Barracuda’s Cloud Control interface, and download revisions from the Barracuda Cloud, or restore to Barracuda Copy for quick access from any device. Gutierrez was asked what set Barracuda apart: “We don’t need to have physical offsite backups because Barracuda has us covered.”


The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County was using a tape library to back up their data with EMC Networker. Gutierrez needed a single solution for his six locations that included cloud replication. He turned to Barracuda and never looked back. Now, with 36 servers protected he says, “It’s a great alternative with no day-to-day maintenance, and it’s just easy.

Über Barracuda

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