Barracuda Backup Saves the Day and the Data

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Comprised of nine companies, inMusic is the largest DJ equipment manufacturer in the world. This elite family of hardware and software brands is dedicated to creating cutting-edge products that incorporate and build upon the latest in engineering, design, and technology. Director of IT Chad Thibodeaux and System Administrator Kyle Mello, oversee the IT strategy for inMusic brands.


  • InMusic Brands
  • Headquartered in Rhode Island
  • 11 offices around the world


  • Tape library was time consuming, unreliable, and broken
  • No time for long deployment process
  • Few IT resources to manage backup
  • Wanted a cloud component for reliability and scalability
  • Needed to centrally manage multiple locations


  • One Barracuda Backup 390
  • Two Barracuda Backup 490s
  • Two Barracuda Backup 690s
  • One Barracuda Backup 890
  • One Barracuda Backup 990
  • One Barracuda Backup 1090


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Saved IT resources
  • Recovered data lost due to user error
  • Efficient all-in-one solution
  • Convenient remote management
  • Easy multi-location management

Barracuda Backup Saves the Day and the Data

Thibodeaux, leader of inMusic’s IT team, originally sought a disk-based backup solution to shorten the lengthy restore process of his tape backup. He soon realized that cloud replication was a critical feature and began his search for the perfect solution. During the process of comparing backup products, inMusic’s tape library broke and destroyed its final tape. “Barracuda Networks delivered the Barracuda Backup 890 the next day!” said Mello. Transitioning from a Dell tape library, which required an administrator to spend time every day loading new tapes, to the Barracuda Backup Server, which requires no daily administration, saved inMusic’s IT team a significant amount of time.

The bare metal restore tool has also added tremendous value for inMusic. Due to a previous administrator’s error, inMusic lost a drive and then an entire RAID array. Major production problems ensued when 1.5 terabytes of data were lost. Mello inserted a new SAS drive and used bare metal restore to return everything to the way it was—within nine hours. Mello was very pleased with the process and resolution, stating, “There was no remapping involved, no renaming anything. All user shares were fully restored!”

"There was no remapping involved, no renaming anything. All user shares were fully restored!"
- Kyle Mello, System Administrator, InMusic Brands, Inc.

Easy to Use; Centralized Management

The intuitive web interface impressed even the most cynical inMusic employees with its amazing capabilities including multi-location management. When asked about how Barracuda Backup has assisted in his role at inMusic, Mello described the product as “priceless” and said the perks were extensive, “Too many to list!” Focusing on its ease of use and convenient remote access, Mello said, “When users mistakenly delete important files or entire directories, I can even restore their files from my mobile phone if necessary.”

To date, inMusic is the proud owner of three Barracuda Backup 890s, two Barracuda Backup 690s, two Barracuda Backup 490s, and one Barracuda Backup 390. The ability to remotely manage each individual appliance gives Mello and Thibodeaux full control of all their Barracuda Backup Servers, regardless of location. The IT team has set up a number of local branch office users to operate Barracuda Backup Servers at their sites, while still keeping the majority of control. Mello and Thibodeaux can set parameters to determine the extent to which others can administer the appliances. “I especially like the fact that I can control who sees what site along with great logging for inspection of activity,” said Mello.

Simple Implementation & Deployment

Having deployed eight Barracuda Backup appliances globally in less than 16 months, inMusic’s IT team speaks from experience when it describes the implementation process as “fast and easy.” Mello and Thibodeaux go one step further and claim to be able to get a Barracuda Backup Server up and running in their sleep.


When inMusic brands needed help Barracuda Networks responded immediately with the ideal solution. Barracuda Backup saved time and data and exceeded expectations, leading inMusic to purchase seven additional Barracuda Backup appliances. The IT team could not be more pleased with its investment. When Mellow was asked to share advice with prospective Barracuda Backup customers, he said, “If you have read this far into the testimonial, buy Barracuda Backup. You will not go wrong!”

To learn more about Barracuda Backup solutions or to request a free 30-day evaluation unit, please call us today at 1-888-268-4772, 1-408-342-5400 (outside North America), or visit

Über Barracuda

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About Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup is a powerful, all-in-one backup solution that includes all the hardware, software, backup agents, and redundant storage needed for a complete, end-to-end backup solution—at one affordable price. With advanced deduplication and compression, backups are quick and consume minimal bandwidth. Flexible deployment options will fit every environment. And for redundancy, you can duplicate backup files to Barracuda Cloud Storage or to your own, offsite, private cloud.

Barracuda Backup Fast Facts

  • All-in-one backup solution requires no third-party software, hardware, or cloud
  • Cloud-based central management
  • Intuitive and simple web interface