Bank Modernizes Backups with Barracuda Backup

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Kirkpatrick Bank is a business bank, chartered in 1970 as a privately held federally insured institution, serving both Oklahoma and Colorado. The company is noted for its expertise in real estate and commercial lending. Shane Danels is the Network Administrator for Kirkpatrick Bank and is responsible for 140 users in five locations.


  • Kirkpatrick Bank
  • Headquartered in Oklahoma
  • 140 users


  • Faulty Tape Backups and Frequent Failures
  • Time-consuming Process
  • Problems Protecting Remote Sites


  • Two Barracuda Backup 690s
  • One Barracuda Backup 490
  • One Barracuda Message Archiver 350
  • One Barracuda Spam Firewall 300


  • Data Safely Stored
  • Reduced Backup Time by 95%
  • Disaster Recovery Covered

Barracuda Backup Streamlines IT

Danels originally used Symantec for his backup solution; however, the tape system was not reliable for storing sensitive data and backup failures were a common occurrence. While looking for an alternative, he tried the Barracuda Backup 30-day trial. “I fell in love with Barracuda,” Danels said when asked about his purchase, “It’s simple, cost effective, and saves us time. We would never go back to Symantec.”

Danels has an assortment of responsibilities and did not have the time for eight-hour backups with his previous tape system. “With Barracuda Backup 690, time is no longer an issue. I just set it and forget it. It takes less than 10 minutes a day to maintain our backups,” says Danels. With a reduced time of over 95 percent, Danels doesn’t have to waste his day on backups. Additionally, Kirkpatrick Bank is benefiting from Barracuda’s advanced deduplication, reducing their backup environment by over 68 percent.

"I fell in love with Barracuda. It’s simple, cost effective, and saves us time. We would never go back to our previous backup vendor."
- Shane Danels, Network Administrator, Kirkpatrick Bank

Confidence in Disaster Recovery

After a disaster, it is critical to get up and running again as quickly as possible. When Kirkpatrick Bank had a server failure, Barracuda was able to restore the crashed server to its original state. “After an old server crashed, people were panicking that we had lost crucial customer data,” Danels said recalling the incident. “With the Barracuda devices, we had our replacement server up and running before lunch.”

Simplicity on a Specialized System

Kirkpatrick Bank utilizes a MPLS to connect the branches together. Danels is able to use Barracuda Backup 690 to store data from multiple remote locations on a single device. “We have a combination of 17 virtual and physical servers in multiple locations,” he said. “The ability to back up all of them with site-to-site replication is crucial to our operation.” With easy restores and functionality to add sources, Danels can expand his network without worrying about his backups.


Danels had inadequate backups and needed help. Barracuda stepped in with the ideal solution. With easy installation, an affordable price, and simplicity of use, Barracuda Backup provides such great performance that Kirkpatrick Bank also purchased Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Spam Firewall services. When asked if he would recommend Barracuda he said, “Absolutely, it’s simple, reliable, and saves me time. I would recommend this to anyone that wants peace of mind."

Über Barracuda

Protecting users, applications, and data for more than 150,000 organizations worldwide, Barracuda Networks has developed a global reputation as the go-to leader for powerful, easy-to-use, affordable IT solutions. The company’s proven customercentric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscriptionbased IT solutions for security and storage. For additional information, please visit or follow us on Twitter@barracuda.

About the Barracuda Backup

Barracuda delivers easy cloud-connected Backup. Barracuda Backup is the unified, cost-efficient data protection solution for your physical and virtual environments. Backup software, local storage, and remote storage are integrated into a solution that can be rapidly deployed in under an hour. Cloudbased central management enables seamless multisite administration and rapid local or remote recovery prevents data loss and minimizes down time. Barracuda Backup is a complete backup solution with remote storage that is easy to buy, install, and manage, all backed by our live 24/7 customer support experts.