Wiederherstellung mit Barracuda Backup nach einem Katastrophenfall

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Natural disasters and other unexpected catastrophic events can have a devastating impact on a business and its ability to continue its operations. Organizations rely on technology and data more than ever to keep their business running as efficiently as possible. In their most critical moment, an organization needs to rely on their backup and disaster recovery solution to get their business back up and running, with minimal losses.

Barracuda Backup simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery operations by providing customers with flexible options for data replication and data recovery, while reducing costs and the risk for data loss.

Three Options for Data Recovery

In the event of a disaster (loss of primary data and backup data at the same location), a Barracuda Backup customer that is storing replicated data in the Barracuda Cloud can choose from these three data recovery options:

  1. Data is pulled down via the Internet from the customer’s site to a replacement appliance.
  2. Data is pulled from another Barracuda Backup appliance that was acting as a replication target to a replacement appliance.
  3. Data is pre-loaded onto a replacement appliance at Barracuda’s data center and shipped to the customer.

Barracuda’s Typical Replacement Process

When choosing Barracuda’s typical appliance replacement process, the replacement unit will ship within 24-48 hours (first available overnight) after notifying Barracuda Technical Support of the disaster and where to ship the replacement. Once the unit has been received by the customer, they will work with Barracuda Technical Support to pull down the replicated data in Barracuda Cloud Storage via the Internet.

Once the configuration has been downloaded to the replacement appliance, restoration of data to customer infrastructure can begin. While data is being pulled from Barracuda Cloud Storage to the replacement appliance, data that is requested by a restore job will take priority and the replacement Barracuda Backup appliance will act as a gateway between the Barracuda Cloud and the restoration target.

The length of the entire replacement and restoration process will depend on the customer’s bandwidth and the amount of data replicated to Barracuda Cloud Storage.

Customers replicating data to another Barracuda Backup appliance will want to follow the same steps as above, but data restoration to the replacement appliance will come from the replication target instead of Barracuda Cloud Storage. Data restoration can also be done directly from the replication target to new servers and infrastructure.

Data Recovery Service

If the customer has an active Instant Replacement subscription, they may take advantage of Barracuda’s Data Recovery Service. This service is an alternative to Barracuda’s typical appliance replacement process. Typically, a customer requiring a replacement and wanting to maintain their backup data would have that data copied from a local backup appliance to the replacement unit. Otherwise, they would pull data down from Barracuda Cloud Storage to the replacement unit via the Internet.

In a disaster situation, a customer might not have a local backup of their data and they may be concerned about the time and expense of pulling data across the Internet.

With Barracuda’s Data Recovery Service, a Barracuda engineer will perform the replacement process at a Barracuda data center, eliminating the need to pull data across the Internet.

The 5-step process is:

  1. Customer opens a Technical Support case and requests Data Recovery Service, and then informs Technical Support where to ship a replacement unit.
  2. Support notifies the backup engineering team who will, if necessary, overnight a replacement unit to a Barracuda data center on the first available shipping day. If the notification comes before 4 P.M. Pacific time, this generally happens the same day.
  3. The unit is racked at the data center when it arrives. A Barracuda engineer will perform the replacement process, pulling customer data from Barracuda Cloud Storage onto the replacement unit.
  4. When the replacement is complete, a Barracuda engineer will overnight the replacement unit to the designated recovery location.
  5. When the pre-loaded replacement Barracuda Backup appliance arrives at the customer location, Barracuda Technical Support will be available to assist with customer data restoration needs.

When choosing Barracuda’s Data Recovery Service, the amount of time required for data to be loaded onto the replacement unit depends on the amount and type of data. For example, environments containing numerous small files (less than 1MB) will take longer to pre-load than environments containing larger files such as VMDKs and VHDs.

For some organizations, the typical method where a replacement unit is shipped to their location immediately, would be a better choice. With this method, the process of data restoration can begin almost immediately, instead of having to wait for a potentially large data set to be pre-loaded onto an appliance.

More information about Instant Replacement can be found at: https://de.barracuda.com/support/replacement


While the impact of disasters, natural or human, can be devastating for a business, it doesn’t have to be. Barracuda Backup makes disaster recovery faster and easier by providing customers flexible options for data recovery and business continuity.