Dutch Insurance Provider Deploys Barracuda Firewalls from Data Unit to Gain Seamless End-to-End Data Security for Microsoft Azure

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Aevitae is a leading Dutch insurance provider company that protects hundreds of thousands of individuals through corporate and direct insurance plans. With a relatively small staff, they provide best-inclass insurance to a quarter-million customers across the Netherlands and processed over six million digital claims in 2016. On top of being the Netherlands’ leading insurance provider, they are also a technology pioneer, which they leverage as a key competitive advantage.


  • Leading Dutch insurance provider company
  • Provides corporate and direct insurance plans
  • 200 employees
  • 250,000 customers
  • 800,000 paper claims, and over six million digital claims processed per year.


  • Aging on-premises infrastructure
  • Seamless data security and visibility in a hybrid environment
  • Heightened security due to sensitive market (Insurance)


  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and Barracuda CloudGen WAF deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and on-premises


  • End-to-end visibility and security across a hybrid environment
  • Ease of use and management
  • Scalable and flexible platform that suits their dynamic business

Customer Challenges

Aevitae had an on-premises infrastructure that accelerated their plan to leverage the cloud to help them transact business more rapidly, yet with increased security to satisfy customer needs. They decided that a hybrid cloud that could bridge existing data centers with a new cloud data center would suit their long-term needs. Therefore, Azure was chosen over other providers because of Microsoft’s focus on digital transformation for businesses. Additionally, the Microsoft environment seemed easier and more seamless, and Microsoft’s support for local Azure data centers was also important.

Aevitae was not satisfied with any of their existing firewall solutions and sought a solution that would provide seamless, end-to-end data visibility across their hybrid environment. None of their current vendors could provide this. They also wanted a provider who understood the Azure fabric and had products specifically built for cloud and hybrid environments.

Microsoft introduced Aevitae to Barracuda as their number one security product for Azure. However, this presented a new challenge: None of Aevitae’s current suppliers had worked with Barracuda’s cloud products. Barracuda proposed using Premier Partner Data Unit; and while Data Unit was also new to Aevitae, some team members had already worked with this partner in the past. The three companies worked as a single partnership to design and implement a security framework that would achieve Aevitae’s goals. “We have direct experience with all the leading firewall vendors, but only Barracuda could provide a single unified platform that would show us our data both within our own data centers and behind the Azure firewall,” said Pascal Wenders, ICT Team Leader of Aevitae.

A Partnership Versus a Vendor-to-Customer Sale

Aevitae takes both its leadership position and its use of cutting-edge technology very seriously. Working with both new partner Data Unit and its new vendor Barracuda, Aevitae entered into a true partnership where all three collaborated to determine design, proof-of-concept, and deployment. While most proofs-of-concept take thirty days, Aevitae needed a full three months of evaluation to ensure the new framework would work with its two on-premises data centers and its growing Azure deployment. “We were already a Barracuda partner, but this was a significant Azure and hybrid deployment. We were very happy with Barracuda as a partner; not only did they take a lot of effort to ensure our customer Aevitae was satisfied, but they were also keen to ensure that we – their partner – were successful,” said Jef Willems, Account Manager, Data Unit.
"Barracuda provided the solution that enabled us to react to our fast-changing business and IT environments – the speed and flexibility of reaction, the simplicity of implementation, meant we could maintain and enhance this solution going forward very easily."
- Pascal Wenders, ICT Team, Aevitae

Data Unit had not deployed Azure-facing Barracuda products in this type of environment, so the Barracuda team provided direct assistance with proofs-of-concept, framework design, and coordinated their support teams. This allowed Aevitae to have access to Barracuda’s cloud expertise and Data Unit’s infrastructure experience whenever needed. The fact that the same solutions would work on-premises as well as in Azure simplified the management of this solution and also meant Aevitae could monitor and manage their data using a single vendor – regardless of where the transactions were occurring.

Results and Future Impact

With the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, Aevitae benefits from a single management tool: They can apply one global ruleset to all their firewalls, whether they are on-premise or in Azure. The ability to manage everything with a single ruleset also allows them to easily migrate settings from one Azure zone to another, and changes are automatically applied in every location.

Aevitae was further impressed at the end of the proof-of-concept: They can merely “throw the switch” and turn the POC into a production environment, which greatly streamlines their deployment. It’s now easier for them to migrate workloads to Azure, and they are looking at the Barracuda TINA tunnel as a way to create a wholly-meshed network between their data centers and Azure. For example, when ExpressRoute had an issue, they replied on Barracuda’s automatic rollover to TINA to maintain 100% uptime while the ExpressRoute issue was being fixed.

Aevitae is also looking at additional situations in the future that will leverage Barracuda and Data Unit. As they migrate to a hybrid Exchange environment and leverage Office 365 and Exchange 2016, Barracuda’s Message Archiver or Essentials for Office 365 are both considerations. They already leverage Barracuda’s Advanced Threat Protection, but adding new malware protections are seen as an ongoing need.

Finally, Aevitae is evaluating how to better align their hybrid cloud environment. Azure Stack is seen as one way to simplify their environment and provide even more seamless integration with Azure.

"What we know – and what we have seen – is that Barracuda is on the right track to help companies with flexible IT environments and leveraging the cloud."
- Pascal Wenders, ICT Team, Aevitae

Together, the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and CloudGen WAF running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform revolutionized Aevitae’s IT and has greatly improved the company’s productivity and security. IT is now a business enabler, helping spur Aevitae’s growth.

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