Leading Financial Services Provider Makes Rapid Transition to Cloud

Unicre Uses Azure for Hosting, Chooses Barracuda CloudGen WAF to Support Regulatory Compliance

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Founded in 1974 in Lisbon, Unicre has grown to be one of Europe’s leading providers of payment solutions and credit card management systems.

Several years ago it became clear that Unicre’s legacy IT infrastructure had become too costly to maintain and manage, and lacked the scalability that Unicre required as its business grew. At this point, Miguel Vidal, Production & Systems & Communications Manager for Unicre, along with Chief Security Officer Pedro Pereira, turned to a trusted partner, VAR OnepointSale, to explore alternatives..

"In terms of their commitment to supporting partners and resellers, I would rate Barracuda 100% excellent."
- Paulo Saramago, IT Development Manager, OnepointSale

OnepointSale’s expertise in carrying out complex integration solutions made it an excellent choice for the project. To migrate a legacy financial-business platform operating under heavy regulatory scrutiny into a modern, scalable cloud environment would clearly involve significant complexity and challenge.

Pereira had previously hosted a web-dev environment on Microsoft Azure, and was impressed with its high reliability, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. He says, “We were committed from the beginning to making a complete switch to a public-cloud environment. We were familiar and satisfied with Azure, so it was an easy choice."


  • Based in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Founded in 1974
  • ~200 employees
  • Credit-cards, paymentacceptance solutions, and card management services


Migrate IT from legacy platform to a modern scalable platform without disrupting operations or compliance.


Adopted Microsoft Azure to host IT infrastructure, and Barracuda CloudGen WAF to secure applications and ensure compliance.

Value-Added Reseller OnepointSale developed and tested Unicre’s solution, and provides ongoing support.


OnepointSale completed the project in three months—with zero downtime. Unicre achieved a 50% reduction in IT overhead costs as a result of the move.

Meeting Compliance and Security Challenges

Two requirements were very important. First, the transition had to be transparent to customers, with no service interruptions or other effects.

Second, the highly regulated nature of their industry—and the business risks associated with a security failure—required their applications to be completely secured against cyber threats and criminals. Compliance with EBA regulations and PCI DSS standards was critical.

OnepointSale recommended the Barracuda CloudGen WAF to ensure security and regulatory compliance, and set up a 90-day proof-of-concept (POC) to evaluate the product. Paulo Saramago, IT Development Manager at OnepointSale, recommended the POC based on others’ reviews, along with the fact that the Barracuda solution was the first CloudGen WAF available on Azure, easily configured and deployed through the Azure Marketplace.

Working closely with Barracuda support, and with Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect Valério Farias, they completed the POC with no difficulties. Saramago says, “In terms of their commitment to supporting partners and resellers like OnepointSale, I would rate Barracuda 100% excellent.

"Thanks to Barracuda, we no longer have any security-related concerns about deploying in Azure. That frees us to ramp up our cloud innovation strategy considerably."
- Miguel Vidal, Production/Systems/Communications Manager, Unicre

Successful POC, Successful Migration

By the end of the three-month POC deployment, Vidal, Pereira, and Saramago were satisfied that the Barracuda CloudGen WAF would effectively secure Unicre’s outward-facing applications and ensure that the company remained compliant with all regulations.

Furthermore, they were impressed with how easy it was to configure and deploy the solution within Azure. The fact that Barracuda CloudGen WAF is able to auto-scale right along with the Azure deployment—instantly extending protection to new instances as they are spun up—was also a big plus.

OnepointSale executed the entire transition in just three months—and no Unicre customers experienced any service interruption. “To be honest, I expected the project to be more difficult,” says Vidal. “Thanks to OnepointSale’s expertise, and the support we had from Barracuda and Microsoft, it ended up being surprisingly easy.”


Today, Unicre is successfully using Azure, protected by the Barracuda CloudGen WAF, to host all of their outward-facing applications. And Vidal says that plans to further leverage the Azure platform are being accelerated due to the reliable security and compliance support delivered by the Barracuda product. “Thanks to Barracuda, we no longer have any security-related concerns about deploying in Azure. That frees us to ramp up our cloud adoption strategy considerably.”

Über Barracuda

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About Barracuda Security Solutions in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Barracuda security solutions are engineered for Azure, and allow you to fully leverage the power of the cloud. Barracuda is a Gold Application Development Partner and is Microsoft Azure certified, which means solutions are well designed and pre-qualified by Microsoft. As part of the shared security responsibility model, Barracuda products complement existing Azure services by providing a comprehensive security architecture, as well as a more seamless experience across your cloud and on-premises environments—all while providing enhanced security against cyberattacks and advanced threats.