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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is an increasingly popular option for organizations looking to reduce overheads and streamline their IT operation. The flexibility of the pay-as-you-go model allows them to avoid upfront investments in infrastructure, as well as minimizing ongoing maintenance and support costs.

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is a SaaS solution that uses the Barracuda Cloud to deliver a fully cloud-based message archiving service. Complementing Barracuda’s industry-leading range of Message Archiver appliances, it is hosted and managed by Barracuda in our own data centers. It is perfect for those organizations that are moving to a cloud-based or SaaS infrastructure.

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service (BCAS) provides a complete all in one cloud-based SaaS solution for archiving email and instant messages, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address eDiscovery requests easily and effectively. Ideal for use with cloud email services such as Office 365, it ensures email is retained securely for as long as needed without risk of amendment or deletion.

BCAS is built using Barracuda’s tried and tested message archiving technology, which has been evolved over several years to ensure a highly reliable and robust service. It delivers similar capabilities to Barracuda’s industry-leading Message Archiver appliance, but makes these available to organizations as an on-demand service.

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is hosted in our cloud data centers and is accessed using a secure connection over the Internet, with no additional local hardware or software required. Unlike traditional archiving solutions that typically have an upfront purchase and covered by a perpetual license, BCAS is provided on a subscription basis with an ongoing annual fee.

Captures all data accurately

BCAS ensures all data is captured accurately and then stores this securely in a dedicated repository in the Barracuda Cloud. The service is able to archive data from Exchange servers running on premises or in the public cloud, as well as from cloud-based SaaS email services including Office 365 and Gmail.

Supports compliance and eDiscovery

Granular retention policies within BCAS enable organizations to meet compliance requirements by preserving data in accordance with organizational and regulatory standards, while eDiscovery requirements are met by multi-level search, tagging and litigation hold.

Improves productivity

BCAS provides end users with direct access to historical information, with desktop and mobile apps allowing them to search and retrieve every email sent or received—even if it has been deleted from their inbox.

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service provides an ideal solution for organizations that are moving their operational services to the public cloud, or are adopting cloud productivity solutions such as Office 365 or Gmail.

The Benefits of Archiving-as-a-Service

Reduced capital expenditure

It is not necessary to provision any hardware and infrastructure to host BCAS as this is all provided by Barracuda. Therefore, most of the upfront capital expenditure associated with implementing an archiving solution can be eliminated, with IT spend now becoming an operational expenditure.

Ease of implementation

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is available immediately on demand. Implementation is straightforward, with no additional hardware or software required, and organizations can typically be up and running on the service in under one hour.

Reduced operational and support overheads

As the application is hosted by Barracuda, we take on total responsibility for maintaining and upgrading it. We provide all the resources to ensure availability and reliability, and we keep the application and its data secure.

Predictable costs

With the BCAS subscription model, organizations only pay for the resources they need at that time. This brings the benefit of predictable and consistent ongoing operating costs that relate closely to the organization’s business operations.


As an organization grows, it is easy to add additional users as these can be added incrementally as needed and are provisioned on demand. There is also no limit on the number of emails or volume of email that can be stored for each user.


Since the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is hosted in the cloud and accessed over the Internet, users are able to access it wherever they are located and on whatever device they are using.


The Barracuda Tier 3 and 4 cloud data centers ensure secure longterm compliant storage for all data archived with BCAS.

How the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service Works

BCAS is a complete end-to-end solution for archiving, compliance and eDiscovery. As well as archiving email messages from user mailboxes and public folders, it can archive all other mail data from Exchange and Office 365, including appointments, contacts, notes and tasks. Instant Message conversations and conferences from Skype for Business and Lync can also be captured into the same secure cloud archive.


The service is completely cloud-based, so no local servers or gateways are required. It is straightforward for customers to set up themselves by following the three simple steps in the “Getting Started” guide, and then configuring the appropriate deployment option.

Implementing BCAS typically takes less than an hour. Unlike some of our competitors, there are no additional implementation services required, and there are no additional charges to get up and running, or to import historical data into the archive.


BCAS uses SMTP journaling from Exchange, Office 365 or Gmail to capture and secure all email at the time it is sent or received. This ensures that an accurate and unmodified copy of every email sent or received will be stored in the Barracuda cloud archive, including details of all recipients for mail sent to distribution lists.

Non-email items in Exchange and Office 365 (such as calendars, notes, tasks and contacts) are captured directly from each user’s mailbox on a regular scheduled basis, along with data from public folders. If required, existing historical email data can also be automatically archived directly from Exchange or from Office 365.

Instant Message conversations, conferences and other content from Skype for Business and Lync can be archived either from the Conference History folder or (for organizations running their own Skype or Lync server) directly from the IM server.


End users have read-only access to search and retrieve archived email at any time from any device. Role-based access rules supported by full audit trails ensure that they can only access data for which they are authorized. Existing Outlook folder structures can be synchronized across into the archive, making it easy for users to find and work with their archived data.

The Barracuda Cloud Archive Service provides four ways in which users can access the archive:

  1. Web Browser
    BCAS includes a dedicated web interface that enables end users to search and work with archived data within their web browser.
  2. Outlook Client
    The BCAS Outlook Add-In gives users full access to their archived data alongside their current email within Outlook—all in a single familiar view— making BCAS easy to use as well as reducing the need for user training. It allows users to run combined mailbox and archive searches, and can also retain a local cache of archived messages to provide continued access for them when they are offline.
  3. Mobile
    BCAS includes dedicated full feature mobile apps for Android and iOS. These are available for all users at no extra cost, and provide anytime/anywhere access to archived data. They allow users to search and respond to any email ever sent or received, even if it has been deleted from their mail server.
  4. Desktop
    Finally, a separate Stand-Alone Search Utility for both Windows and OS X is included as standard with the product. This provides an alternative method for searching and working with email messages that have been archived in BCAS.


BCAS includes a powerful and intuitive multi-level search capability, allowing users to conduct full text searches across archived message content and attachments as well as metadata fields. They can then work with their search results by viewing, replying to or forwarding on selected messages, as well as recovering individual messages back to their inbox with the Resend to Me option.


The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service stores each customer’s data outside their production environment in a dedicated archive in the Barracuda Cloud. This provides customers with secure immutable storage that is encrypted and tamper resistant, which together with full audit trails, means that their archived data can be used as evidential quality information for legal and regulatory purposes.

Barracuda’s retention policies are highly configurable and cover a wide range of criteria such as message content, source, addresses, age and attachments. They are granular enough to meet the most complex of compliance and business needs, and will ensure that every item archived is kept for as long as needed, all while making compliance easy to demonstrate.


A comprehensive set of features are provided for businesses to undertake eDiscovery exercises on their archived data, allowing them to respond rapidly to litigation and regulatory requests.

Granular search and litigation hold criteria allow targeted sets of data to be identified and secured on a case-by-case basis. Each hold will secure relevant data and prevent it from being amended or deleted for as long as required for that specific case, regardless of any other retention rules. This approach means there is no conflict between retention for operational compliance and legal hold for search and discovery exercises.

Individual search results can be tagged for further analysis, and selected data can be exported as needed via PST or EML for subsequent investigation activities. Full audit trails and secure immutable storage ensure the chain of custody for all archived data can be demonstrated.


Day-to-day operation of BCAS is supervised using Barracuda Cloud Control. This is a cloud-based service provided by Barracuda that enables administrators to configure and monitor all their Barracuda Networks products and services from a single web console.

An audit log provides a history of all administrative actions taken, including data exports, retention policy updates and configuration changes. This allows auditors and administrators to ensure that regulatory and litigation requirements are being met.

BCAS provides role-based user management, which integrates with an organization’s own LDAP directory. Granular access controls ensure end users can access only those messages in the archive to which they are entitled, while auditors can be allowed to view either all messages or just those for a specific domain, and administrators are able to manage the system without having access to any archived data.

Email can be retained in the archive for inactive or deleted mailboxes, such as data for former employees, this does not take up a license and will remain fully available for search and retrieval for as long as is needed. Organizations are also able to select and export any of their archived data as a ZIP file or as a PST file at any time.


BCAS is hosted in Barracuda’s secure Tier 3 & 4 cloud data centers. These are located in multiple geographies so that customers can choose the locale where their data is stored.

All archived data is covered by AES 256-bit encryption, both at rest and in transit, with multiple copies maintained using redundant storage across multiple locations for maximum security and availability.

Subscribing to the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service

BCAS is available as an annual subscription priced per user, and the subscription price includes full use of all features provided by the service, plus unlimited email and phone support. There are no additional costs or charges associated with the service, and there is no limit to the number or size of emails that can be archived.

Barracuda does not charge for importing historical data to the Cloud Archiving Service, so organizations are able to upload and archive their existing data as well as capture all their new email. There is also no charge for exporting data (if this is needed for instance) to support eDiscovery exercises.


The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service provides a comprehensive and cost effective end-to-end solution for archiving, compliance and eDiscovery. Extremely easy to deploy and operate, with no local servers or gateways to be installed and requiring no upfront capital investment, it can reduce operational costs and support overheads as well as bring scalability and flexibility with predictable costs. It is ideal for organizations that have already migrated their on-premises infrastructure and applications to cloud platforms, or for those that may be planning to do this in the future.

Barracuda also provides a wide range of other deployment options for message archiving, from on-premises hardware and virtual appliances through private and public cloud options, as well as the fully managed SaaS solution described here. All these deployment options provide similar functionality, giving organizations the flexibility to choose the most appropriate Barracuda archiving solution for their individual business and operational requirements.