Barracuda Helps Osoyoos Credit Union’s Network Grow Alongside Their Business

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Located in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada, Osoyoos Credit Union has been serving its members since 1946. It’s the only locally owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos, and their customers look to them for superior service and competitive financial products. This community-based, memberowned and governed organization has 50 employees. Wayne Goldsmith, the company’s Facility and Technology Administrator, has spent his last 20 years keeping Osoyoos Credit Union secure.


  • Osoyoos Credit Union
  • Located in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada
  • Supports 50 Users


  • Maintaining domain reputation
  • Exchange accounts being infected with viruses
  • Inability to control user access and monitor internet usage
  • Unable to prevent malware on guest devices brought onto the network
  • Tape-based backup was too labor intensive
  • Difficulty retrieving and restoring documents


  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway 300
  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway 310
  • Barracuda Backup 390


  • Outbound and inbound filtering
  • Diverse threat intelligence
  • Malware/spyware removal tool
  • Inhalts-Filterung
  • Granular reporting
  • Inline/global dedupe
  • Cloud storage for better scalability

Osoyoos Credit Union Needed to Fill the Voids in their Network

As Osoyoos Credit Union’s infrastructure grew over the years, so did their network problems. Wayne had been using an open source spam filtering solution that was getting overrun, was unable to filter outbound mail, and could not protect against targeted attacks. Wayne had no web security gateway solution in place with no way to block or monitor what the company’s employees were doing on the network. This was causing productivity issues. Plus, the scalability of Osoyoos’ labor-intensive, tapebased back-up solution was not keeping pace as the company grew.

Targeted email attack campaigns usually begin with spear-phishing, a carefully composed email that tricks the recipient to click a link that will install malware or prompt them to enter login credentials. These campaigns are very difficult to detect by using an open source spam filtering solution that relies on conventional, reputation and signature-based sender verification techniques. Osoyoos’ opensource spam solution was getting overrun by their employees and letting an unmanageable amount of spam through. Also, Wayne would be unable to block outgoing mail if his end-user mailboxes became infected, putting the company’s domain at risk of being blacklisted.

"It’s not safe to leave part of your network unprotected these days and the huge benefit of Barracuda’s product line is that they help cover all the bases."
- Wayne Goldsmith, Facilitiy and Technology Administrator, Osoyoos Credit Union

With no web security gateway, Wayne had no visibility into employees’ internet activity. He needed to control users’ internet access without being too restrictive. Another concern was potential malware getting onto the network from guest devices. If a guest user was connected to Osoyoos’ network, Wayne was unable to secure against potential infections. It was critical for Osoyoos to be able to leverage malware detection and scanning at both the gateway and on end-user devices.

Wayne was using tape-based backups as his primary disaster recovery solution but had concerns with the labor intensiveness and difficulty of retrieving and restoring files. When dealing with delicate information such as financial records, it was crucial that customers’ information was properly protected. “I had enough with the lengthy process of weeding through the stacks of tapes to find particular files. The only way to recover something was if I physically went through the decks until I found it,” recalls Wayne.

Barracuda Helps Osoyoos Credit Union Reinforce their Network

Wayne decided to try Barracuda’s solutions and was immediately sold. Once he deployed Barracuda Web Security Gateway, Barracuda Email Security Gateway, and Barracuda Backup, his network issues seemed to disappear. The outbound filtering of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway diminished Wayne’s fears of being blacklisted if the mail server ever became compromised. Outbound filtering prevents organizations from unintentionally sending large volumes of spam due to infection, and can also prevent sensitive data in emails from leaving organizations. Wayne remarks, “We saw an immediate decrease in the amount of spam received by our end users; the difference was night and day.”

Barracuda Web Security Gateway eased concerns regarding employee productivity and network infections for Osoyoos. “The malware removal feature and content filtering is very important to us. It’s a great security blanket when users are plugging in foreign laptops to the network,” says Wayne. Barracuda Web Security Gateway serves as a web gateway that can enforce web content security policies on and off network, detect spyware and other infectious downloads to prevent outbound communication, and provide granular visibility into user browsing behavior. Being alerted when nefarious activities occur has created a transparent environment,” shares Wayne. “Barracuda enables me to have granular control over what employees browse on the Internet and provides reporting tools so I can pinpoint network problems with accuracy and efficiency.”

With Barracuda Backup, Wayne has eliminated the labor-intensiveness of tape-based storage. He takes advantage of Barracuda’s inline dedepulication technology, significantly reducing his storage needs and backup costs. By deduplicating data as it’s received, Barracuda Backup also minimizes the time for completion of the full backup and replication process. Organizations protecting data at multiple sites can utilize global deduplication in the cloud to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, while reducing their overall storage footprint. “Having a local copy of all our files makes restoring them extremely fast. If a user calls for a deleted message or file, it’s no problem quickly recovering it,” explains Wayne. He also uses the offsite vaulting feature of Barracuda Backup for better scalability, enabling him to move local copies of monthly and yearly backups off their local appliance to the Barracuda Cloud.

Barracuda helps Osoyoos’ network and business grow through scalable and comprehensive email security, web security, and disaster recovery. Wayne easily manages these solutions using Barracuda Cloud Control, a cloud-based portal that enables administrators to monitor and configure multiple Barracuda products from a single console. “It’s not safe to leave part of your network unprotected and the huge benefit of Barracuda’s products is that they cover all bases. The products work seamlessly together and the interface is so simple that anyone can use it,” concludes Wayne.

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