Supreme Services Implements Barracuda Networks Solutions to Increase Productivity

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Supreme Services, Inc. first opened its doors in 1984 and has since become one of the largest independent specialty rental companies in the United States. Located in Houma, Louisiana, the company supplies rentals for big name oil and gas companies like Exxon and Shell. Supreme Services is growing at a rapid rate, employing 500+ workers.

Supreme Services Technical Engineer, Walton Guidry, has helped transform the network management group into a fluid and copasetic team, having made it his mission from day one to make technological advancements within the company.


  • Supreme Services, Inc.
  • Located in Houma, Louisiana
  • Largest independent specialty rental company in the US
  • 500+ employees


  • Insurmountable amounts of spam taking over employee’s inboxes
  • Resulted in reduced productivity due to employees sorting through too many emails or ignoring their emails altogether


  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway 300
  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway 310


  • Blocked 100,000 spam emails after one week
  • Ability to track and encrypt emails
  • Simple deployment and easyto-navigate interface
  • Award-winning customer support

Spam Control

The expansion of Supreme Services resulted in more emails overflowing the staff’s inboxes. Emails came in so rapidly that employees were unable to recognize the difference between a customer or spam message. This resulted in employees avoiding checking their email altogether because a majority of their time was wasted sorting through spam. Guidry suggested a email security gateway be put in place and recommended Barracuda Networks since he had used it at his previous company, where upper level management held Barracuda Networks in high regard. Now in a management role at Supreme Services, Guidry knew Barracuda Networks would be a reliable and cost-effective choice, as well as simple to implement within his network.

Spam Free

Within the first week of the installation, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway blocked 100,000 spam messages. Employees were perplexed as to why their email was no longer overloaded with spam, asking Guidry if the server was down or broken. Guidry explained, “It only took a week to show how drastic a change the Email Security Gateway made for us. Our workplace productivity increased by twofold and people finally began to depend on our network again!” From a management perspective, Guidry was impressed with the Barracuda Email Security Gateway’s simple deployment and easy-tonavigate interface.

Guidry found that the Barracuda Email Security Gateway feature set complimented his network, particularly the ability to track emails and have certain emails encrypted. The tracking feature helped solve disputes among employees or customers on multiple occasions. Both features dramatically increased the effective communication between Supreme Services employees and customers when working on deals together.

Praiseworthy Support

After the success with the Email Security Gateway, Guidry implemented the Barracuda Web Security Gateway to further increase productivity. The deployment was unique because Supreme Services has several remote locations; due to this deployment configuration, the installation took time to perfect. Luckily, Tech Support was only a call away, and always available to help with the set up of the solution.

Guidry explained that anytime he called Tech Support, “It was never a hassle. I always have had a live person answering my call and resolve any issues I had.” He continued, “You don’t need a networking degree to being to understand and navigate the interface. I can take someone with little-to-no knowledge and teach him or her how to run it. Therefore, if I’m not in the office, someone can easily know how to manage the network.”

"Once the Barracuda Networks solution is implemented, it is pretty much hands off since you set it up and forget it because it does its job like it’s supposed to do."
-Walton Guidry, Technical Engineer, Supreme Services, Inc.

Loyalty for Life

As a Technical Engineer, Guidry understands the daily tribulations when dealing with different vendors and products. He has endured long phone calls with other vendors, where it takes up to 45 minutes to get a live person on the phone. With Barracuda Networks, he instantly connects with a person on the phone, who then accesses his network and fixes the problem or answers his questions. Guidry continued, “More often than not as customers, we are the first to complain about a product’s inefficiencies. However, with Barracuda Networks solutions there is above and beyond customer service, and I believe in showing satisfaction with a product and giving credit where credit is due.”

Impressed with his Barracuda Networks solutions, Guidry intends to remain a loyal customer and plans to add a few other products to his collection in the future. “Barracuda Networks solutions compared to other products, with the combination of the hardware-software options, is worth every penny. The usability is priceless. As long as Barracuda has a product for my needs, I will choose their product over any other.

Über Barracuda

Barracuda provides cloud-connected security and storage solutions that simplify IT. These powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable solutions are trusted by more than 150,000 organizations worldwide and are delivered in appliance, virtual appliance, cloud, and hybrid deployments. Barracuda’s customer-centric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscription-based IT solutions that provide end-to-end network and data security. For additional information, please visit

About the Barracuda Email Security Gateway

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is the world’ best-selling email security solution. It includes best-of-breed spam and virus blocking, data protection, DoS prevention, large file transfer, email continuity, encryption, and policy management — at one affordable price. As new email security requirements emerge, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is automatically updated with new capabilities to ensure long term protection. This easy-to-use product is available in eight scalable models to fit the needs of any-sized organization. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is also available as a virtual appliance.

Barracuda Email Security Gateway Fast Facts

  • Services up to 1,000 active email users
  • Compatible with all email servers
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Per-user settings and quarantine
  • Clustering for redundancy and added capacity
  • No per-user or per-server fees
  • Encryption and Large File Transfer included free

About the Barracuda Web Security Gateway

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway is a web content filtering solution that enables the connected business to benefit from new technologies and online tools, without being exposed to lost productivity, wasted bandwidth, and data loss. It enables highly granular, real-time visibility into online activity, letting administrators create and enforce effective content and access policies. Included free are unlimited agents and software licenses to enforce content and access policies on mobile devices being used outside the corporate network.

Barracuda Web Security Gateway Fast Facts

  • Eliminates spyware and other forms of malware
  • Millions of URLs in 95 categories for comprehensive content filtering
  • No per-user licensing fees
  • Ideal solution for school districts and other educational organizations
  • Enforces content filtering and access policies on iPads and BYODs