Municipality Finds Reliable and Easy-to-Use Web Security Gateway

Barracuda Provides a Comprehensive Web Security and Management Solution to the City of Lake Oswego

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The City of Lake Oswego, Oregon is located in the northwestern part of Clackamas County and has a population of a 36,600 people. The city is located just eight miles from Portland and roughly 40 miles from Salem, and is surrounded by Oregon’s most popular attractions like Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.

The City of Lake Oswego has 352 full-time employees and is a council-manager form of government, which means that a volunteer city council manages regulations. The town’s IT department is headed by Chip Larouche, who has worked for the city for over 17 years.


  • City of Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Located in Clackamas County
  • Population 36,600
  • 352 full-time employees


  • Manage web traffic, end-user access, and web-based threats
  • Old appliance stopped working due to bandwidth overload
  • Too much time and money needed to replace existing appliance


  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway 410


  • Better visibility and user access control
  • New appliance upgrade every four years thanks to Barracuda Instant Replacement
  • Energize Updates sends latest threat definitions to the Barracuda Web Security Gateway
  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution

A Scenic Town with Simple Needs

A few years ago, Larouche wanted a solution that gave him more control over what websites city employees had access to. For example, he wanted to limit recreational online browsing, but also wanted to make it easy for the city’s police detectives to access certain sites. Additionally, he wanted to block potential cyber threats, but didn’t want an expensive or difficult-to-manage solution to accomplish this.

Larouche purchased a Secure Computing appliance that initially fit his simple web filter needs. After two years, however, the appliance stopped working properly. Right around that time, McAfee bought Secure Computing, so they became owners of the problem. “Two years into my threeyear maintenance contract, the appliance stopped working. I think that perhaps it was being overwhelmed with volume,” Larouche explains.

But a malfunctioning appliance was one thing—the most pressing issue for Larouche was that McAfee didn’t attempt to rectify the problem by sending a new appliance to replace the existing one. “I was not willing to buy a brand new appliance and not have a year’s worth of maintenance credited towards the purchase,” he says.

"Set it and Forget it"

Larouche isn’t a stranger to Barracuda. The City of Lake Oswego purchased an Email Security Gateway back in 2006 and has been satisfied with it ever since. So after spending three weeks going back and forth with McAfee, he cut ties with the company and reached out to his Barracuda contact. The following morning he received a Barracuda Web Security Gateway 410, had it quickly installed, and hasn’t looked back.

The main reason Larouche chose Barracuda for his web filtering needs was how simple and easy to operate the solution is: “’Set it and forget it.’ That’s one of the best things about Barracuda devices. They are fairly simple to configure, and once we get it set, we can forget about it if we wanted to,” says Larouche.

One of the only times Larouche needs to manage the Barracuda Web Security Gateway is to loosen access control for the city’s detectives, which is quick to do thanks to the Gateway’s easy configuration and administration of policy rules.

When the previous solution failed, the vendor declined to honor the maintenance contract. However, with Barracuda, the City of Lake Oswego has peace of mind with Instant Replacement (IR). In the event that an appliance fails, Barracuda ships a new appliance within 24 hours, at no additional cost. Additionally, customers that maintain an IR subscription will receive the latest Barracuda appliance every four years—free of charge. With this, Larouche and his team can take advantage of the most up-to-date iteration of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

"Barracuda has a good reputation for working and being simple, which is a real plus."
- Chip Larouche, Chief Technical Officer, City of Lake Oswego

For Larouche, this means that Barracuda will always deliver optimal performance: "I really like the Barracuda subscription model because it basically ensures that I won’t get to a point where the equipment just can’t do the job anymore without some relief."


Worrying about faulty, old equipment is a thing of the past thanks to Barracuda’s Instant Replacement and the Hardware Refresh Program. What’s more, Larouche now has 100-percent visibility into end user online browsing, and can easily adjust granular policies as needed to allow or deny access to specific sites for specific users.

Barracuda Web Security Gateway gives the City of Lake Oswego powerful, advanced security that’s easy to manage. “If the security is so complicated that I have to have someone with a Master’s degree and 12 Microsoft certifications to configure a box properly, that’s not going to work for me. I’m not big enough to have that kind of person. So to me, that’s the key point of Barracuda—it has a great equipment refresh model and it’s simple. And those two things work for me,” Larouche says.

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